Our History

Born from a family office dating back to the early parts of the 20th Century, United Green has consistently invested in industrial, construction and trading activities in a variety of sectors over the years encompassing many borders.

Today United Green is recognized as a privately owned strategic investment group with a diversified and dynamic international portfolio.

United Green is still controlled by the original family and has no institutional parent or investor. The partners, directors and staff have worked for leading institutions in industry, banking and private equity sectors.

Our Philosophy

United Green continuously endeavours to create value in industries and regions with high entry barriers whether financially, technologically or politically. 

Recognizing high potential investment opportunities across many different sectors, industries and operating environments requires tailored analysis. We use our knowledge, experience and global network to unlock value and achieve superior returns. Our investments are diversified in various sectors and geographies and are usually either standalone, alongside existing and experienced management teams or strategic joint ventures.

Green Field & Early Stage Development

Development of Green Field projects has consistently played a major role in the history of United Green and we maintain the same ethic today, establishing industries or nurturing young businesses that require varied support. Our goal is to build, operate and manage early stage ventures that fit our investment portfolio and criteria.

High Entry Barrier Industries and Technologies

We pursue industries and sectors with high barriers to entry that have great potential for sustainable and attractive economic profits. If an industry’s structure discourages new entrants, it creates an important advantage in our investment screening process.

Particular Focus in Emerging and Frontier Markets

Investing in global emerging and frontier markets requires a specialist approach. We have an expert team with in-depth knowledge, insight and experience, which is focused on seeking out the best investment opportunities in these markets.


Our most recent areas of impact.