Investment and Development of Renewable Assets

Renewable energy is imperative to current and future sustainable power supply with an indisputable role in the protection of our environment. Unlocking returns amidst endlessly evolving technologies has been the driving factor in our investment strategy.

Our current investment focus lies in large scale wind and solar parks across Europe, Middle East and CIS. We constantly monitor policies and trends across the renewable energy space and are actively looking for new ventures to significantly expand our engagement in this exciting sector.

Additionally, we offer turn-key solutions to sophisticated investors keen to invest in renewable energy projects, using our experience and our global network of relationships across the energy industry to structure and manage projects that meet investors’ requirements.


Industry | Brands | Distribution

With a particular focus on product innovation and consumer satisfaction, we have pioneered and deployed state of the art technologies and methods in both developed and emerging markets in a variety of food and beverage categories. We focus on high value FMCG, private label and bulk products to meet our indisputable consumer needs.

Real Estate

Residential, Retail and Corporate Development

Real estate assets are a fundamental part of our investment strategy – whether through rental yield or asset appreciation –  to create long term returns that are appropriate for inflationary and unstable times.

Through our Real Estate division, we create iconic high-end constructions that are luxurious and elegant inside and out, right down to the smallest details. We have an expert team in the areas of design, development and interiors.


Private Investment Partnerships in Existing & Emerging Technology

Our technology division has been established as a private investment partnership to invest in existing and emerging technology businesses and ventures predominately in UK and the Middle East. It is founded and led by an experienced team of technology investors and professionals supported by local and international strategic partners to ensure successful return on investments.

Our unrivaled network allows our underlying investments to quickly scale their business and prepare for international partnerships to ensure a successful exit.


Through our accelerator programs, we mentor and educate entrepreneurs with new ideas that serve the domestic markets. We leverage our vast international experience and network to cultivate start-ups into real businesses and can elect to invest or co-invest alongside others once they have completed the program.


Commodities | Specialties | Adaptability

While our commodities trading company covers a broad range of agricultural products, we are more than traders.

We assume and manage risk involved in transactions and act as business partners with our counterparts at origin and at destination, using our vast trade experience in new business development. Adapting specific client requirements creating tailor made solutions.

We bridge the gap between supply and demand, at times by putting together the suppliers and those seeking their products and at other times by providing the actual sources of supply or demand. In our efforts to increase trade and to find new directions for it to flow, we sometimes also provide raw materials, and then arrange for the sale of the finished goods.


Integrated Food Systems

Global South agricultural and food industries will experience an extensive transformation over the next decade in response to population growth and changing consumer requirements, coupled with the major challenges presented by climate change and environmental degradation. New business models need to emerge – and fast.

Our investment thesis and strategy is based on addressing future food security challenges by creating and investing in champion local businesses in the global south via inclusive, resilient and sustainable agricultural and food systems, whilst delivering adaptable and innovative solutions.

We have embarked on a fast-track development of highly advanced, integrated farming and dairy livestock and processing projects, globally, putting United Green at the forefront of future food systems. The business development process will be such that all components will be modular, replicable and scalable, based on successful outcomes as well as promoting additional investments and services into each of the host countries.